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Run Xu

Article ID: 1774
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Abstract:   According to formula we can simulate their driven force and acceleration. The mechanical formula is used to obtain dynamics is used to simulate. The driven force increases when torque increases and tire diameter decreases. We need torque to increase so this is our plan. Acceleration raises when torque raises and it reduces when its weigh...
Run Xu, Boyong Hur

Article ID: 1800
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Abstract:According to formula we can simulate their driven force and acceleration on the slope. The mechanical formula is used to obtain force and theoretical dynamics in the slope. The driven force decreases when rotation increases. When power increases the acceleration increases. it reduces when its weight raises. It is found that the a will decrease as slope becom...
Zinan Zhao, Shijie Li, Shuaikang Li

Article ID: 1903
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Abstract: As the market competition of steel mills is severe, deoxidization alloying is an important link in the metallurgical process. To solve this problem, principal component regression analysis is adopted to reduce the dimension of influencing factors, and a reasonable and reliable prediction model of element yield is established. Based on the constraint condi...


Shashikant Kushnoore, Nitin Kamitkar, Vinay Atgur, Mallikarjun S Uppin, M. Satishkumar

Article ID: 1737
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Abstract:   Fly Ash Cenospheres (FACs) are obtained from the coal power plants in the form of hollow spherical particles by burning the coal. FAC was started to use in early 1980-1985 as lightweight filler material in producing composites of cementitious and at present many researchers are focusing on use of FAC as filler in pol...