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Siqin Chen, Xiaomin Li

Article ID: 2643
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Abstract: In this study, two dimensional unsteady flows of cylinder and cylinder with additional fairing close to a free surface were numerically investigated. The governing momentum equations were solved by using the Semi Implicit Method for Pressure Linked Equations(SIMPLE). The Volume of Fluid(VOF) method applied to simulate a free surface. Non- uniform grid str...
Amir Javidinejad

Article ID: 2889
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Abstract: Concepts of precision engineering design process for optimal design where engineering sciences contribute in the successful good design are elaborated in this paper. Scientific theory and practicality are discussed in this paper. Factors necessary for a complete product or systems design are detailed and application of mathematical design optimization in ...
Odonel González-Cabrera, Carlos R. Gómez-Pérez, Héctor A. Kairús-Hernández-Díaz, Félix A. Díaz-Rosell

Article ID: 2890
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Abstract: The aim of this work is to establish the influence of the relative position of the alloy charge C-Cr-Mn in the structure of the coating of rutile electrodes for hardfacing, on the operational behavior (arc stability). For this, three variants of electrodes with similar chemical composition are elaborated in the metallic core and the coatin...
Ziad Shakeeb Al Sarraf, Ahmed Fattah Ahmed, Khalid Elias Hammo

Article ID: 2940
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Abstract: Today ultrasonic power technique is consider a mandatory technique which is always entered in many processes such as in metal and plastic welding to overcomes many issues, with aided of applying force (pressure) and supplied high frequency vibration, a solid-state weld can be generated by ultrasonic metal welding technique. That gives a t...