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Daniel Kohls, Carlos Enrique Ninõ Bohorquez, Enori Gemilli, Majorie Anacleto Bernardo

Article ID: 3381
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Abstract: With the use of laser welding, it is possible to join different steel, with different thicknesses, with or without the action of protective layers. The quality of laser radiation makes it possible to get certain characteristics that are impossible to get by other processes, such as high welding speeds, less metallurgical effects suffered by the heat-affec...
Amani J. Majeed, Falah A. Abood, Ahmed K. Alshara

Article ID: 3194
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Abstract: The behavior of fluid flow has been studied during the different flow media over the past decades. In addition, the behavior of the flow of fluid through porous media has garnered much research interest. This paper sheds light on fissured rocks of oil reservoir media (as one of the porous media domain), and the effect of these fissured on fluid flow. In t...
Anton Epifanov

Article ID: 3588
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Abstract: The laws of functioning of discrete deterministic dynamical systems are investigated, presented in the form of automata models defined by geometric images. Due to the use of the apparatus of geometric images of automata, developed by V.A. Tverdokhlebov, the analysis of automata models is carried out on the basis of the analysis of mathematical ...
Mikhail Valer’evich Levskii

Article ID: 3725
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Abstract:We apply the method of guidance by a required velocity for solving the optimal control problem over spacecraft’s reorientation from known initial attitude into a required final attitude. We suppose that attitude control is carried out by impulse jet engines. For optimization of fuel consumption, the controlling moments are calculated and formed according to ...
Harshad Patel

Article ID: 3831
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Abstract: Graphene has remarkable strength, such as yield strength and elastic constant. The dynamic behaviour of graphene sheet is affected by geometrical variation in atomic arrangement. This paper introduced graphene with armchair atomic structure for estimating fundamental natural frequencies. The presented analysis can...