Study of the Formation Conditions of Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles in an Overstressed Nanosecond Discharge Between Aluminum Electrodes in a Mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen

A. K. Shuaibov (Uzhgorod National University, st. Voloshin, 54, 88000, Uzhgorod)
A.Y. Minya (Uzhgorod National University, st. Voloshin, 54, 88000, Uzhgorod)
A.A. Malinina (Uzhgorod National University, st. Voloshin, 54, 88000, Uzhgorod)
A.N. Malinin (Uzhgorod National University, st. Voloshin, 54, 88000, Uzhgorod)
Z.T. Gomoki (Uzhgorod National University, st. Voloshin, 54, 88000, Uzhgorod)
V.V. Danylo (Uzhgorod National University, st. Voloshin, 54, 88000, Uzhgorod)
Yu.Yu. Bilak (Uzhgorod National University, st. Voloshin, 54, 88000, Uzhgorod)


The results of the study of oscillograms of voltage, current, pulsed electric power and energy input into the plasma of an overstressed nanosecond discharge between aluminum electrodes in argon and mixtures of nitrogen with oxygen (100-1) at pressures in the range of 13.3-103.3 kPa are presented, the emission plasma spectra are studied. It is shown that in mixtures of nitrogen with oxygen at atmospheric pressure, nanoparticles of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) are formed, the luminescence of which manifests itself in the spectral range of 200-600 nm and which is associated with the formation of F-, F + - centers and more complex aggregate formations based on oxygen vacancies. Calculations of the electron-kinetic coefficients of plasma, transport characteristics, such as mean electron energies in the range 5.116-13.41 eV, are given. The electron concentration was 1.6 ∙ 1020 m-3 - 1.1 ∙ 1020 m-3 at a current density of 5.1 ∙ 106 A / m2 and l. 02 ∙ 107 A / m2 on the surface of the electrode of the radiation source (0.196 · 10-4 m2 ). Also drift velocities, temperatures and concentrations of electrons, specific losses of the discharge power for elastic and inelastic processes of collisions of electrons per unit of the total concentration of the mixture from the reduced electric field strength (E / N) for a mixture of aluminum, nitrogen, oxygen, rate constants of collisions of electrons with aluminum atoms on the E / N parameter in plasma on a mixture of aluminum vapor, oxygen and nitrogen = 30: 1000: 100000 Pa at a total mixture pressure of P = 101030 Pa are given.


Electrical and optical characteristics of plasma;Luminescence of nanostructures;Aluminum oxide;Overstressed nanosecond discharge;Nitrogen;Oxygen

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