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Rafael Fernández-Fuentes, Americo Scotti, Amado Cruz-Crespo, Roberto Silva González, Rafael Ariza, Nelson Guedes de Alcântara

Article ID: 1017
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Abstract: The objective of this work was to study the effect of the heat treatment and further operation aging on the stereological parameters (size, quantity and volume fraction) of precipitates within ferrite grains of a creep-resistant 1.25Cr0.5Mo steel after long-term operation. The heat treatment was similar to the treatment that is carried out in industrial s...
Bhanodaya Kiran Babu Nadikudi

Article ID: 942
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Abstract: In this study, the forming behaviour of dissimilar welded blanks was studied. Welded blanks were prepared with friction stir welding processwith different types of tool pin profiles. Welded blanks were developed with fixedfriction stir welding process parameters by varying the tool pin profiles. The forming behaviour of welded blanks were analyzed with th...
Akash Deep Sharma, A.K. Sharma, N. Thakur

Article ID: 771
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Abstract: Titanium powder was rapidly solidified by using shock-wave consolidation technique. The critical parameters were controlled by intrumented detonics and pin-oscillography. The compacted specimens were investigated for crystal structure and microstructural strengthening by using standard diagnostic techniques. The density of the final product was found to b...


Madhukar Eknath Navgire, Akash Nagare, Ganesh Kale, Sandesh Bhitre

Article ID: 1124
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Abstract: In the present investigation a series of MoO 3 -Fe 3 O 4  nanocomposite material such as MoO 3 , Fe 3 O 4 , Beta cyclodextrin (b-CD) doped MoO 3 -Fe 3 O 4  and Graphite doped MoO 3 -Fe 3 O 4 have been synthesized successfully by co-precipitation me...