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CH. Ramesh, S. Koushik, T. Shunmugaraj, M.V. Ramana Murthy

Article ID: 1666
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Abstract: Coral reefs in the Gulf of Mannar (GoM) and Palk Bay regions are facing potential threats from climate change, sedimentation and anthropogenic activities. Considerably, coral reefs in these two regions are highly damaged due to frequent bleaching events caused by increased sea surface temperature (SST) recorded over the past two decades. R...
Waluyo Waluyo, Dzikri Wahyudi, Amdani Amdani, Herlina Adelina Meria Uli Sagala

Article ID: 1741
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Abstract: The coastal area is one of the areas that is quite vulnerable to the threat of pollution caused by human activities, including pollution caused by oil spills (hydrocarbons) in the sea. The incident can be caused by several factors including the explosion, leakage of petroleum pipelines on the seabed, leakage of tanks or petroleum tankers at sea and dispo...
Xinming Lei, Lei Jiang, Youfang Sun, Yuyang Zhang, Guowei Zhou, Jianhui Yang, Jiansheng Lian, Hui Huang

Article ID: 1822
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Abstract: Coralline algae are globally distributed calcifying species and play critical ecological roles to marine ecosystems by contributing significantly to their structural complexity and diversity. Thallus surface types of historical samples in Sanya coral reef reserve were studied based on the scanning electron microscope (SEM) method. Our results show six tha...
Baoji Zhang, Ying Wang

Article ID: 1923
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Abstract: In order to predict the hydrodynamic performance of semi-submersible offshore platform accurately, based on CFD theory, continuous equation and N-S equation as the control equation, RNG type k-ε model as turbulence model, using the finite difference method to discretize the control equation , <span style="font-family: '...


Lijuan Zhang, Zhenan Zhang

Article ID: 1734
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Abstract: With the continuous and rapid development of the country's economy and society, it has greatly promoted the leap of the marine economy and brought more severe challenges and tests to the protection of marine ecological environment. How to effectively measure the criminal law protection of the marine ecological environment and take effective measures Measu...