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Achmad Fachruddin Syah, Siti Sholehah

Article ID: 2741
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Abstract: The Banda Sea is one of the routes of global ocean currents that move from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. This flow is known as Indonesian Through Flow (ITF). The Banda Sea is an area where warm and cold water masses meet, so it has the potential for a thermal front. This study aims to understand the variability of thermal front in the Banda Sea d...
Waluyo waluyo, Amelia Fitrina Devi, Taslim Arifin

Article ID: 2859
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Abstract: Coastal vulnerability is a condition of a coastal community or society that leads to or causes an inability to face the threat of danger. The level of vulnerability can be viewed from the physical (infrastructure), social, demographic, and economic vulnerabilities. Physical vulnerability (infrastructure) describes a physical condition (infrastructure) tha...
Gongxing Wu, Xiaolong Zhao, Linling Wang

Article ID: 2962
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Abstract: In order to solve the technical problems of autonomous berthing of the Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), this research has met the requirements of maneuverability berthing under different conditions by effectively using the bow and stern thrusters, which is a technological breakthrough in actual production and life.Based on the MMG model, the maneuverabilit...
Guangjian Zhong, Renqi Jiang, Hai Yi, Jincai Wu, Changmao Feng, Gang Zhou, Kun Wang, Lina Liu, Ming Sun

Article ID: 3063
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Abstract: Located in the northern South China Sea, Chaoshan Depression is mainly a residual Mesozoic depression, with a construction of Meso - Cenozoic strata over 7000m thick and good hydrocarbon accumulation conditions. Amplitude attribute of -90°phase component derived by phase decomposition is employed to detec...
J. Swain, P. A. Umesh, M. Baba, A. S. N. Murty

Article ID: 3126
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Abstract: The ocean wave climate has a variety of applications in Naval defence. However, a long-term and reliable wave climate for the Indian Seas (The Arabian Sea and The Bay of Bengal) over a desired grid resolution could not be established so far due to several constraints. In this study, an attempt was made for the simulation of wave climate for the Indian Sea...