Preparedness, raising the level of preparedness and enhancing contemporary prevention methods to get rid of the risks of deadly health crises and their implications for the health of workers

Hani Fadhil jumaah Al Shawi (Shatt Al-Arab University College)


This study came to emphasize the importance of health promotion at the present time in all parts of the universe due to the federal movement witnessing the challenges of the Corona virus that originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread in all countries of the world with amazing and terrifying speed (for bacterial, parasitic and viral causes) despite the WHO assurances Globalization with a high degree of responsibility, and this was evidenced by the calls and appeals of leaders of health organizations in the world for prevention, awareness, discussions and advice that they gave to all of humanity, as the virus has infected most of the world without exception between developed and developing countries alike. (In his speech, Tiedros Adhanom Gebresus is Secretary-General of the World Health Organization: February 27, 2020).
As the virus evolved from the respiratory syndrome of the Middle East caused by cats to SARS, who moved between camels to Ebola and then developed to the most dangerous corona, which is transmitted between humans through touch, spray and breath, which has exceeded cases in the world to more than 600,000 patients with a confirmed infection And over 26 countries in the world until March 2020 and from here the researcher eagerly awaits the moment when investors announce their willingness to embrace any innovation related to the recovery from these epidemics.
It is a logical result stemming from the feeling of great dismay that has caused mankind in recent times as a result of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the massive series of panic in all parts of the globe that left behind and the confusion that made the need to invent vaccines and ways to spread awareness in a timely and instant manner and seize the finest federal concept between the administration and the media related to the hadith The time is "Participate in the comprehensive awareness campaign and the highest levels of caution and caution" To achieve maximum benefit from it in combating, preventing, sterilizing, and identifying the most important pillars upon which it is based, and then showing the health benefits of workers in local organizations with a view to preserving them, and to achieve the desired benefit in sounding the work and promoting it with health by integrating administrative and health concepts with each other and circulating them through disseminating them Seminars and conferences in a manner that achieves the desired goal above:- So this effort was divided as follows
. Part one: - will cover the systematic aspect of the study
The second part: - He will be interested in presenting the concept, benefits and pillars of the essential participation
. Part Three: - He will examine the concepts of health promotion activities for institutions.
Part Four: - Examination and testing the feasibility of including the concept of substantive participation and activities of the health promotion unit.
..Part Five: - Results, Conclusions and Recommendations.
The study recommended the necessity of disseminating the health information in addition to the administrative information in all institutions and segments of society in order to address firmly the prejudiced rumors and ideas aimed at impeding the administrative and health growth in our local institutions


health promotion; comprehensive awareness; substantive participation; healthy intellectual; healthy crisis

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