The effect of critical success factors in the application of six sigma methodology on the quality of construction projects' output

Amer Al-Mukahal ()



 This study aims at determining and understanding the critical success factors in order to apply the six sigma methodology in construction organizations to ensure reaching a higher level of construction organizations' output. The main purpose is divided into the following secondary objectives:

-          Determining the effect of each of the critical success factors (management support, project selection and execution of six-sigma) in the success of the application of six-sigma methodology in construction organizations.

-          Determining the effect of critical success factors altogether (support management, project selection and execution of six-sigma) on the quality of construction organizations' output.

Research Methodology:

This study used the quantitative (descriptive analytical)  method through using practical method for the purpose of collecting and analyzing information, and testing hypotheses.

Research limitation:

 Human limit: It is represented by workers in Jordanian construction organizations.

-          Place limit: Jordanian construction organizations in the capital city of Amman.

-          Time limit: The period of time it took to accomplish the study (7-9/2020).

-          literature limit: To determine the variables of critical success factors, the researcher referred to previous studies (Bhaji & Antony, 2001), (Goldstein, 2001), (Kwak & Anbari, 2006), (Hakeem Khan, 2005), (Urdhwareshe, 2004), (Buch & Tolentins, 2006), (Martins et al., 2006), (Coronel et al., 2009), (Johnson & Cale twohill, 2008), (Shahin, 2010), (Brun, 2010), (Gosnik & Vujicaherzog, 2010), (Zailani & Sasthriya, 2011), (Padhy & Sahu, 2011), (Kanjanpanykom & Kungvol, 2011).

Originality/ value of the study:

This study helps in finding out the factors of success in the application of six-sigma methodology, and how much they affect the quality of construction organizations' output. This will help find out the level of quality of construction project's output in terms of speed, cost and precision in results, which will help the improvement mechanism. This in turn will help the construction organization produce high-quality output, which will help the construction organization achieve competitive advantage, and lead to its continuity to work, thus the continuity of organizations, which have vertical association with the construction organization in work too, and this will lead to turning the wheels of the national economy


       Results of Statistical Analysis indicate that the relative importance of critical success factors in applying the approach of six sigma in a middle level of importance. Whereas, the arithmetic averages have ranged between (2.77-3.58). Moreover, Results of Statistical Analysis of this study indicate a positive impact on the outcomes of construction organizations for combined critical success factors which are; Senior Management support Factor, Project Selection, Implementation factor of six sigma. Furthermore, Results of Statistical Analysis indicate a positive impact of applying six sigma approach on the quality of the outcomes of construction organizations.

    Key Words: critical success factors, six sigma approach, management in quality assurance in construction projects

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