Re-Designing Conventional Face Mask by Using Triz (Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch) Method

Ahmad Padhil (Universitas Muslim Indonesia)
Muhammad Dafha Reza Ramadhan Saputra Ramlan (Universitas Muslim Indonesia)
Rifdat Indratma (Universitas Muslim Indonesia)
Nurul Dwiana Lestari (Universitas Muslim Indonesia)


New Normal becomes the way out to keep Indonesia's weakened economy because of covid-19 pandemic stays in balance. Of course, New Normal must be well-balanced with the application of strict protocols to reduce transmission rates and anticipate a surge in new cases. From a few points of pandemic protocols, using face mask is considered as the most-effective basic need. Re-designing the mask is aiming at eliminating the worsening feature and developing the improving feature. This research is developing the widely used 1-ply mask, which doesn't meet WHO standard regarding cloth-material mask that must be made in 3-ply.  The method used in this research is TRIZ (Teoriya Resheniya Izobreatatelskikh Zadatch), an inventive problem solving theory to the issues regarding ideas, products, or concepts, in this case is face mask redesigning concept. In this research, the data are collected by doing library research to obtain secondary data that will be processed in qualitative and quantitative methods. The results shows the aspects that should be eliminated from cloth-material face mask are brittle for being easily damaged, short period of usage, and non-reusable. After the redesigning concept is carried out using the principles and features of TRIZ method, some aspects such as weight, material, design, and functionality are developed. The result is a relatively light weight face mask because the using of PLA+ filament-based material with good durability and environmentally friendly. This design has longer period of usage, and user only needs to replace the additional inserted tissue every 4 hours. The researchers hope that the new design can be further developed by government to deal with New Normal and other possibilities in the future.


New Normal;Covid-19;Face mask;Re-designing;TRIZ

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