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Hani Fadhil Jumaah Al-Shawi

Article ID: 2611
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Abstract: This study came to emphasize the importance of health promotion at the present time in all parts of the universe due to the federal movement witnessing the challenges of the Corona virus that originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread in all countries of the world with amazing and terrifying speed (for bacterial, parasitic and viral causes) desp...
Schneider Wilnei Aldir, Tezza Rafael

Article ID: 2613
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Abstract: Consumer behavior in electronic commerce has been the theme of hundreds of studies conducted by researchers of many nationalities in the past twenty years. The purpose of this study was to review and classify the concepts used in papers published between 2003 and 2014 to explain the consumer behavior in electronic commerce. A systematic search of the lite...
M. Tirtana Siregar, Gilang Yoga Samodra

Article ID: 2620
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Abstract:This study aimed to determine the waste that occurs in activities from receiving to delivering of finished products that can result in delays in the delivery of audio to Japan. The waste identified is limited to activities in the finished goods warehouse. The problem that occurs is the delay in product delivery, because the product is not ready to be deliver...
Gaoshen Wang, Yi Ding

Article ID: 2689
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Abstract: In Container terminals, a quay crane’s resource hour is affected by various complex nonlinear factors, and it is not easy to make a forecast quickly and accurately. Most ports adopt the empirical estimation method at present, and most of the studies assumed that accurate quay crane’s resource hour could be obtained in advance. Through the ensemble learnin...
Ni Made Novi Diansari, I Gede Riana, Ida Bagus Ketut Surya

Article ID: 2615
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Abstract:The purpose of this study is to analyze the role of creative leadership in moderating the influence of knowledge sharing on innovation in the SMEs of leather craft industry in Badung Regency. The population of this study is employees of the leather craft industry of which the data were obtained from Bali Province Industry and Trade Office. The data of 2019 s...