Leiomyoma Of Urinary Bladder a Rare Entity: Series Of 3 Cases And Review Of Literature

Nitesh Kumar (MS (General Surgery), MCH trainee Urology, Osmania Medical College, India)
Karthik M (MS (General Surgery), MCH trainee Urology, Osmania Medical College, India)
Samyuktha K (MS (General Surgery), MCH trainee Urology, Osmania Medical College, India)
Sunil Palve (MS (General Surgery), MCH trainee Urology, Osmania Medical College, India)
Tushar Agrawal (MS (General Surgery), MCH trainee Urology, Osmania Medical College, India)

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Introduction: Leiomyoma of urinary bladder is a rare entity and comprises 0.43% of all bladder tumors. Here we present our series of 3 casesand the related review of literature. Methods: 3 cases of bladder leiomyoma presented over a period of 16 months in Osmania Medical Collegeand Hospital. Detailed history was taken, physical examination, routineblood, urine and radiological investigations were done. Patients weretreated by Trensurethral Resection (TUR) of the mass and histopathological analysis with Immunohistochemistry was done for all cases. Results:All 3 cases were females with mean age of 31.6 years. All cases wereendovesical type, mass near bladder neck and presented with obstructivesymptoms. Two cases presented with acute retention of urine. Radiological investigations in all patients suggested a possibility of leiomyoma andall cases had reduced urinary flow rates. Histopathology confirmed thediagnosis in all cases. No recurrence was found at one year of follow up.Conclusion: Leiomyoma of urinary bladder is a rare disorder which frequently occurs in middle aged females. Symptoms are related to its sizeand location, diagnosis is confirmed by histopathological analysis. Treatment is by surgery (mainly TUR). Prognosis of the disease is excellent.


Leiomyoma; Benign tumor; Bladder outlet obstruction; Benign bladder tumor; LUTS

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jor.v1i3.1642


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