Progress in diagnosis and treatment of basal cell carcinoma

Yan Liu (Anhui Taihe County People’s Hospital, Taihe, Anhui, 236600, China)
Mengxian Ren (Anhui Taihe County People’s Hospital, Taihe, Anhui, 236600, China)
Youfei Zhao (Anhui Taihe County People’s Hospital, Taihe, Anhui, 236600, China)
Dong Liu (Anhui Taihe County People’s Hospital, Taihe, Anhui, 236600, China)
Fei Zhou (Anhui Taihe County People’s Hospital, Taihe, Anhui, 236600, China)

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Basal cell carcinoma is a common skin carcinogenesis that occurs in the epidermis and the basal layer of the general, basal cell carcinoma grows slowly, rarely metastasizes, but is locally invasive and destructive. The diagnosis is based on clinical manifestations, but the clinicopathological manifestations are different, and sometimes it is difficult to differentiate from pigmented nevus, malignant melanoma, etc. Therefore, skin biopsy is essential for the diagnosis and assessment of the risk of recurrence.There are many ways to treat basal cell carcinoma. This article reviews the diagnosis and treatment.


Basal cell carcinoma; Diagnosis and treatment

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