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Yuri Pivovarenko

Article ID: 2742
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Abstract: It was previously found that the electric charge of water determines its ability to interact with other substances, including biologically significant ones. It is shown here that the electric charge of water can also determine its ability to penetrate and accumulate in living cells. In particular, it has been shown that the high penetrating ability of pos...
Rohit Kumar Jha, Ajit Kumar Kushwaha, Mukunda Kumar, Sunaina Wadhwa, Sumedha Gargy

Article ID: 2705
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Abstract: 5% of all ovarian tumours are accounted to germ cell tumours (GCT’s).Affecting mostly young women, the highest incidence is seen in second and third decade of life. They are highly malignant but chemosensitive and more curable than their epithelial counterparts. Treating these tumors with effective surgery and combination chemotherapy survival rates have ...
Zulfiya M. Enikeeva, Adil A. Ibragimov, Nigora A. Agzamova, Natalia L. Vypova, Saida S. Saidhodjaeva, Noroj R. Kholturaeva, Arzayim Ch. Abdirova, Otabek D. Tuychiev, Jamilya Sh. Polatova, Dilbar A. Kadirova, Faizullo S. Salihov

Article ID: 2756
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Abstract: Aim: Evaluation of the antitumor activity of the new drug Dekoglitz in animals with tumor strains of Sarcoma 45 in comparison with the drug dekocin, from which it was obtained, as well as with 5-fluorouracil and etoposide, and on ovarian tumors (OT) in comparison with the drug dekocin and identification of the effect of Dekoglitz on NA synthesis and inter...
Ying Yin, Guohua Yu

Article ID: 2851
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Abstract: In the process of biological genetic information transmission, complete and correct genetic information can make cell mitosis proceed normally.In the development of most tumor cells, G2/M cell cycle checkpoint becomes the key checkpoint in the process of mitosis due to the lack of G1/S cell cycle checkpoint, which mainly depends on the abnormal DNA inform...
Mosab Abdalla Ali Alzubier, Abd Elmouniem Ali Elgasim, Sami Mahjoub Taha

Article ID: 2830
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Abstract: Mucinous tubular and spindle cell carcinoma (MTSCC) of the kidney is an uncommon recently recognized renal cell carcinoma.We reported A 60 year's old man who presented with right flank pain, abdominal swelling and one attack of hematuria.The intraoperative finding was a huge cystic swelling arising from the right kidney occupying almost all the abdominal ...