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Inna Reddy Edara ()

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jpr.v1i1.635


On behalf of the Bilingual Publishing Co., the editorial board and the staff, I welcome you to the inaugural issue of Journal of Psychological Research (JPR), a peer-reviewed and an international open access academic journal, focusing on the multidisciplinary aspects of the field of psychology.

Bilingual Publishing Co. (BPC), located in Singapore, since its beginnings in 1984, has been dedicated to bilingual academic research, publishing international journals, and organizing conferences. Since its foundation, the BPC has been continuously garnering a high reputation in Southeast Asian countries and around the world. The obvious reason is that the BPC is sternly aware of the ever advancing technology and the rapidly changing developments in the use of digital media that summon for a change in attitude and methodology of researching and learning, with a special emphasis on the need for high-quality academic achievements. Therefore, the BPC’s mission has been centered on discerning the changing needs of the academic world and committed to advancing the research around the world by publishing the latest research in various academic fields and ensuring that the resources are accessible in print, digital, and online formats.  

There are currently a large number of scientific journals in the world that inclusively or exclusively publish the academic research in the fields of psychology. Yet, despite growing interest in the fields of psychological research and applications, there exists a lack of accessibility of publication channels for the Southeast Asian scholars in particular and for the worldwide researchers in general. In this situation, the BPC has taken up an additional mission of starting this new journal to give an appropriate access to the academicians and researchers of psychology to share their outstanding achievements with the world. 

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