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Bo Liu, Wei Xie

Article ID: 4287
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Abstract: Social science researches at present emphasize the construction of relations between multiple constructs. Psychological science is no exception. Before verifying whether their hypotheses are true with a questionnaire method or experimental method, scholars will check out the hot topics of recent years a...


Daanesh Marazban Umrigar, Rajendra Mhaske

Article ID: 3879
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Abstract: ABSTRACT Objectives :  Chronic illnesses are more prevalent in males. The expectations of caregiving, thus falls on the women. Role expectations from women, increases stress, strain and the possibility of Psychological health concerns. In this paper, we explore the psychological health, as well as the levels of marita...
Caíque Rossi Baldassarini, Naiara Alves Pereira, Larissa Nicolau Pitta, Marcelo Monteiro de Souza, Caroline de Oliveira Zago Rosa, Fernanda Pessolo Rocha

Article ID: 4212
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Abstract: The Psychological Emergency Service (PES) at psychology school clinics is an unscheduled and free psychological service to meet urgent demands. From this service, some patients whose complaints require more time for clinical work are referred to the Extended Screening (ES), a modality composed of six extra appointments. This study aims to ...
Katinka Dijkstra, Keri Pekaar, Jacky Hooftman, Yvette van Osch

Article ID: 4131
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Abstract: Two studies examined the question of whether photograph taking of an event influences the positivity of the evaluations of the event at a later point in time. Memories of photographed events yielded higher positivity ratings than memories that were not photographed. Although we expected fading of positivity ratings to occur more slowly over a period of ...


Tatiana Matheus Pinto, Jéssica de Assis da Silva, Renatha El Rafihi-Ferreira, Edwiges Ferreira de Mattos Silvares Ferreira de Mattos Silvares

Article ID: 4166
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Abstract: Sleep problems in childhood are frequent and may cause damage to the children and their families; however, parental orientation appears to be effective in its many new formats, such as the distance treatment. This study aimed to review the literature about behavioral intervention performed by distance to sleep problems ...