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Ahmet Hadrovic

Article ID: 4625
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Abstract: In the literature that follows the history and theory of architecture, architecture is mainly studied from the aspect of disposition, construction and materialization “in itself”, sporadically establishing the “originality” (first appearance) of certain dimensions of architectural solutions and their connection wi...
Ahmed Senouci, Surya Anuradha Garimella, Kyungki Kim, Neil Eldin

Article ID: 4628
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Abstract: Fatigue impairs workers’ judgment, reduces their productivity, and jeop ardizes their safety. The paper presents a tool to predict workers’ fatigue based on their vital signs. An experimental study was conducted in which the heart rate and sleep quality for three individuals were monitored using fitness trackers (...
Pruthviraj S R, Shivukumarnaika M, H R Prabhakara

Article ID: 4910
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Abstract: The vulnerability of reinforced concrete (RC) building systems to progres sive collapse has turned out to be a challenging trouble for professional structural engineers so as to prevent total failure on account of nearby dam age. The goal of this paper is to enhance the knowledge of such buildings’ behavior undern...
Ahmet Hadrovic

Article ID: 4976
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Abstract: Students of the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, through the course Architecture of the Old Age, were able to get acquainted with “architecture carved in rock”, and only a very limited number of examples - the archi tecture of ancient Egypt, ancient Greek architecture in Asia Minor (Lycia), and the architectur...
Rahim Zahedi, Siavash Gitifar, Mohammad hasan Ghodusinejad, Alireza Aslani, Hossein Yousefi

Article ID: 5025
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Abstract: The importance and necessity of energy saving in the world have been dis cussed for many years, but achieving a logical and transparent solution is still one of the main challenges and problems of the world’s economy. The rapid growth of energy consumption in the last two decades has caused the security of the dom...