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Journal of Zoological Research is an international journal that publishes original research papers to offer a rapid review and publication that freely disseminates research findings in all areas of Zoology including Animal Behavior, Genetics, Anatomy, Genomics and more . The Journal focuses on innovations of research methods at all stages and is committed to providing theoretical and practical experience for all those who are involved in these fields.

Journal of Zoological Research aims to discover innovative methods, theories and studies in Zoology by publishing original articles, case studies, short communications and comprehensive reviews.

The scope of the papers in this journal includes, but is not limited to:

  • Zootaxy
  • Zoonomy
  • Zooecology
  • Zoocytology
  • Zoopathology
  • Zoogeography
  • Animal genetics
  • Animal behavior
  • Animal morphology
  • Animal parasitology
  • Animal biochemistry
  • Animal reproductive biology
  • Animal growth and development
  • Animal anatomy and histology

Submission Preparation Checklist

By submitting a manuscript to the journal, the Author(s) verifies that the following items have been met:
  1. The submission has not been previously published under another journal, or is currently under consideration for another journal.
  2. The submission format should be in Microsoft Word. Other word processing software may be considered.
  3. DOIs or URLs have been provided wherever possible in the Reference List.
  4. The document(s) have been formatted according to the requirements under Author Guidelines. The placement of illustrations, figures, graphs, tables, and equations have been integrated into the main manuscript.
  5. Instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review have been followed in order to comply with the double-blind peer review process employed.

Vol 3, No 3 (2021)

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Yue Ma, Tiantian Guo, Yihe Wang, Xinna Li, Jingyu Zhang

Views - 62  (Abstract)
Abstract: In order to adapt to the low temperature environment, organisms transmit excitement to the central system through the thermal sensing system, which is a classic reflex reaction. The cold receptor GLR-3 perceives cold and pro duces cold avoidance behavior through pe...
Teresinha Inês Assumpção, Adrielly Julien Silva Lopes, Lilja Fromme, André Luís Quagliatto Santos

Views - 66  (Abstract)
Abstract: Brazil has six species of crocodiles belonging to the subfamily Caimaninae, one of them being Paleosuchus palpebrosus (Cuvier, 1807) (dwarf caiman). It is considered one of the smallest crocodilian species, and is sensitive to environmental changes. The anatomical ...
Akombo, Pauline Mbakaan, Atile, John Iornyiman, Shima, Judith Nguvan

Views - 42  (Abstract)
Abstract: The growth parameters and mortalities of five species of Synodontis in the lower river Benue at Makurdi, Benue State were studied from January,2016 to December, 2018. The asymptotic length (L∞) calculated for the five species ranged from 18.80cm in S.clarias females to 37.04cm in ...
Abdul Haleem, Orus Ilyas

Views - 52  (Abstract)
Abstract: The habitats for the wild animals are shrinking due to the clearance of forests for agriculture and industrialization. The idea of wildlife conservation begins with the identification of their acceptable habitat. Since this crucial information helps in the development and maintenance of the pro...


Song Sun, Hongliang Dou, Shichao Wei, Yani Fang, Zexu Long, Jiao Wang, Fuyu An, Jinqian Xu, Tingting Xue, Huangjie Qiu, Yan Hua, Guangshun Jiang

Views - 131  (Abstract)
Abstract: Ecosystem engineers are organisms that alter the distribution of resources in the environment by creating, modifying, maintaining and/or destroying the habitat. They can affect the structure and function of the whole ecosystem furthermore. Burrowing engineers are an important group in ecosystem e...



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