The Occurence of Gastrointestinal Helminths in Slaughtered Cattle in Azare,North-East Nigeria

Musa Umar (Department of Biological Sciences, Bauchi State University Gadau, PMB 065, Bauchi, Nigeria)
Bashir Mohammed Abubakar (Department of Biologial Sciences, Bauchi State University Gadau, PMB 65,Bauchi State, Nigeria.)
Haladu Ali Gagman (Department of Biological Sciences, Bauchi State University Gadau, PMB 065, Bauchi, Nigeria.)
Abubakar Sadiq Yusuf (Department of Biological Sciences, Bauchi State University Gadau, PMB 065, Bauchi, Nigeria.)


A Cross-sectional Study was carried out to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal (G.I.)  helminths parasites in slaughtered cattle at Azare abattoir, Katagum Local Government Area, Bauchi State, North-Eastern Nigeria. One hundred and twenty faecal samples were examined using the floatation and sedimentation method. Out of the total samples tested, G.I. helminths infections were detected in 62samples tested, giving an overall prevalence of 51.6%. Class nematodes are the most diverse class (56.5%) and then followed by trematodes (35.5%), while cestodes are the least prevalent (8.1%). There was a statistically significant difference in P-value >0.05.  The sex revealed that males (52.6%) are more susceptible to G.I. helminths infection than females (50.0%) even though there is no statistical difference at P-value >0.05. However, the prevalence of G.I. helminths to age revealed a statistical difference at P-value >0.05, where the young have the highest prevalence of 59.5%.  The Red Bororo breeds had the highest prevalence of 75%, while the least was recorded in White Fulani and Sokoto Gudali, 40% each. There was a statistically significant difference at P-value >0.05. This study revealed that Fasciola spp (15%) is the most prevalent G.I. helminths parasites detected, followed by Oesophagostomum spp (11.7%); Haemonchus spp (9.2%); Strongyloides spp (8.3%), Schistosoma spp (3.3%); and Moniezia spp (1.67%). Our findings from the present study revealed a high prevalence of G.I. helminths species affecting cattle in Azare and Nigeria as a whole. Therefore, there is a great need for proper advocacy on the need for appropriate management, regular deworming practices, and improved cattle hygiene to boost animal production. This will help in curbing great lost to Nigeria's economy and the world in general.


Gastrointestinal helminths Parasites, Cattle, Bauchi, Nigeria.

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