Gonadal Morphology, Histology and Spermatogenesis of Striped Grunt Fish, Pomadasys Stridens (Forsskal, 1775) (Family: Pomadasyidae)

Amtyaz Safi (Department of Zoology, Sir Syed Government Girls College, 74600, Karachi, Pakistan)


The present study was conducted on some aspects of histology and morphology of gonadal development and spermatogenesis of the striped piggy fish, Pomadasys stridens from the Arabian Sea near Karachi coast.A preliminary investigative study was carried on genetic-variability,morpho-histological characters to observe the differences between both gonads of both the sexes along with the size of the associated fat bodies.Both the gonads were investigated and classified in seven different stages of maturity. Testes were found asymmetrical in measurement with the right testis larger than the left one. It was found that meiotic activity and spermatid development showed the opposite relationship. The left testis showed a relatively greater activity than the right one.


Gonadal morphology;Histology;Spermatogenesis;Pomadasys stridens

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/jzr.v3i1.2869


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