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Abdullahi A. U., Aliyu S., Fauziyya I., Bello A., Jafaru Y.

Article ID: 1495
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Abstract: A study was carried out to evaluate growth performance and carcass characteristics of broiler birds fed with varying level of choline inclusion in their diets; T 1  (control), T 2  (10g/10kg) and T 3  (20g/10kg). A total of 225 marshall broiler chicks were randomly divided into three (3) treatment group of 75 bir...
Maryam Taher, Mohammad Saeed Heydarnejad

Article ID: 1625
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Abstract: This research was aimed to study aquatic coleopteran faunas of Borujen and Lordegan (as two main towns of the   Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province). Sampling was done at six stations between September 2017 to July 2018. The aquatic Coleoptera were identified to the species level with the help of keys and related references. Identification o...
Sevdan YILMAZ, Nergiz ÇOBAN, Sebahattin ERGÜN, Murat YIGIT, Ekrem Şanver ÇELIK

Article ID: 1682
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Abstract: In this study, the combined effects of dietary Bacillus subtilis  (BS, 10 7  g/cfu) and different levels (0.025%, 0.050%, 0.075% and 0.150%) of trans-cinnamic acid (CA) on fish growth performance, whole body compositions, digestive enzymes, intestinal bacteria and internal organ index of rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus my...


Zhiling Cao

Article ID: 1735
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Abstract: The quantity of the imported parcels in China has increased rapidly,becoming an important means for criminals to hide the prohibited animal and plant quarantine objects.The x-ray applied to the port of post inspection can speed up inspection and better protect the ecological safety of China by mastering its method of judging animal and plant quarantine ob...
Wang Jingxuan, Guangshun Jiang

Article ID: 1717
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Abstract: As a research field which is blooming quickly in recent years, movement ecology has been a worldwide concern and interest. However, movement ecology is so comprehensive and complicated that many articles only focus on few aspects or species. As tracking technologies and methods of movement data analysis develop, the abundance of movement data becomes avai...