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Musa Umar, Bashir Mohammed Abubakar, Haladu Ali Gagman, Abubakar Sadiq Yusuf

Article ID: 2619
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Abstract: A Cross-sectional Study was carried out to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal (G.I.) helminths parasites in slaughtered cattle at Azare abattoir, Katagum Local Government Area, Bauchi State, North-Eastern Nigeria. One hundred and twenty faecal samples were examined using the floatation and sedimentation method. Out of the total samples tested, G...
Sevidzem S. Lendzele, Koumba A. Aubin, Zinga-Koumba C. Roland, Mintsa-Nguema Rodrigue, Jacques F. Mavoungou

Article ID: 2771
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Abstract: Stable flies ( Stomoxys spp.) are common pests of livestock in the peri-urban rangelands of Vina Division of the Adamawa Plateau. No documented information is available on their diurnal dynamics in relation to physiological age and landscape. The main aim of this study was to determine the trap apparent density (ADT) of Stomoxys an...
Sati NM, Idahor KO, Emennaa PE, Haliru H, Nwamo AC, Markus KD

Article ID: 2781
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Abstract: There are several reports on the utilisation of Moringa oleifera  in poultry diets due to its essential bioactive compounds yet,little is known about its influence on Japanese quail eggs and meat qualities. Hence, the need to examine performance, eggs and meat qualities of Japanese quail hens fed M.oleifera  leaf. To achieve this, 240 Japa...
Amtyaz Safi, Muhammad Zaheer Khan, Roohi Kanwal, Hans Volker Karl

Article ID: 2880
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Abstract: In the present work on population status, threats and conservation of the spotted pond turtle; Geoclemys hamiltonii (Gray, 1830) (Geoemydidae) was conducted in Thatta, Sujawal and Badin districts of Sindh province of Pakistan. A total number of 277 live specimens of G. hamiltonii from southeast province (Sindh) of...
Amtyaz Safi

Article ID: 2869
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Abstract: The present study was conducted on some aspects of histology and morphology of gonadal development and spermatogenesis of the striped piggy fish, Pomadasys stridens from the Arabian Sea near Karachi coast.A preliminary investigative study was carried on genetic-variability,morpho-histological characters to observe the differences between both gonads of bo...