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Pradipta Kumar Sarangi

Article ID: 3653
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Abstract: Our aim was to study the genotoxic, cytotoxic and clastogenic effect of locally used various groups of agro-pesticides in the protection of crops using fresh water fish Channa punctatus as test model to estimate water pollution by micronucleus (MN) assay in vivo. Three different concentrations (MC, MC/2&MC/5) of eight pesticides (Dimethoate, Dichlorov...
Fida Nassar

Article ID: 4065
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Abstract: The present study aims to determine, by histological examination, the female reproductive cycle of specimens of Kulzer’s rock lizards collected in a mountainous region in Lebanon. Females of Phoenicolacerta kulzeri followed a seasonal reproductive pattern. Winter hibernation period lasted for 5 months. Females of P. Kulzeri exhibited a reproductive activi...
Ibukun Olukorede Popoola, Oluwabukola Rashidat Popoola, Ibukun Oluwatobi Busari, Ibikunle Funso Olaleru, Damilola Deborah Popoola, Omobolanle Ayobami David, Oluwaseyi Olamide Olajide

Article ID: 2675
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Abstract: Although, dietary proteins play a crucial role in poultry profit maximization, through the sustenance of birds` welfare, growth and development, yet metabolic excesses from crude protein (CP) degradation is detrimental to broiler chickens (BC) affected by heat stress. This study evaluated the effect of dietary protein levels on blood profi...
Abun Abun, Kiki Haetami, Denny Rusmana, Triyogi Ganda Sukma Atmaja

Article ID: 4083
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Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the effect and obtain the level of use of fermented shrimp waste in the feed that produces the best biological value in native chickens. The study used 125 one-day-old chickens (DOC) placed in 25 cages randomly, containing five chickens reared for eight weeks. The study used experimental methods, and the experimen...
Shoaib Ahmed Pirzado, Masroor Ali Bughio, Uroosa Majeed, Gulfam Ali Mughal, Ghulam Shabir Barham, Dildar Hussain Kalhoro, Mansoor Tariq Samo

Article ID: 4016
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Abstract: This study examined that the efficiency of Bacillus pumilus (BP) on growth performance and meat quality of broiler chickens. A total of day old 240 male broiler chicks were purchased from local hatchery Hyderabad. The chicks were allocated into four groups with six replicates of 10 birds in each replicate. Four diets were prepared for experiment, which in...