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Asim Faraz

Article ID: 2273
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Abstract: In domestic animals, the body weight is the ultimate result of growth which forms the basis of meat production. Sex, nutrition, breed and health are the main factors which influence the growth rate in animals. Heredity which is the major factor affecting the prenatal growth either directly through the genotype of the fetus or indirectly th...
Ufuk BÜLBÜL, Halime Koc-Gur

Article ID: 4300
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Abstract: The present study reports vehicle collisions of Bufotes viridis (The green toad) in Konya province from Turkey. Our study was performed in more than fifty localities on Yunak-Akşehir highway (D-695). The records were taken in a short time; it is important and remarkable to come across a large number of dead individuals of an amphibian spec...
Sahar Roshan Ara, Sohrab Ashrafi, Roghayeh Garmaeepour, Mohammad Zarrintab, Nariman Askaripour, Sorour Esfandeh

Article ID: 4159
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Abstract: Climate change is one of the threats in the recent century, affecting biodiversity directly and indirectly. Modeling the patterns of species distribution is one of useful tools for predicting the impacts of climate change on endangered species. Brown bear (Ursus arctos) plays an important role as a focal species in mountainous ecosystems. This study was a...
Abid Ali, Iftikhar Uz Zaman, Abbas Khan, Masoud Yousefi, Zahid Ali, Muhammad Numan Khan

Article ID: 4226
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Abstract: The Western tragopan ( Tragopan melanocephalus ) is recorded in the IUCN Red List of 2017 as a Vulnerable bird species in Pakistan.  This study was conducted to investigate and resolve the conservation challenges surrounding the species in two major habitat zones - Salkhala Game Reserve and Machiara National Park. The study was arranged in May-June...


Tirasak Pasharawipas

Article ID: 4264
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Abstract: Viral transmission between animals and humans has been defined as Zoonosis and zooanthroponosis. The vaccine has been claimed to be the best tool to prevent viral epidemics. However, as learned from SARSCoV-2, vaccines cannot be the true answer to prevent viral infection for everyone. Some vaccinated persons are still reported to get infected. Viral mutat...