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Mireille Belle Mbou Okassa, Valentin Dibangou, Grâce Nianga Bikouta, Dollon Mbama Ntabi, Arsène Lenga

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Abstract:According to the last revised catalogue of the mite family Phytoseiidae and the online Phytoseiidae database, only six species of predatory mites have been identified to date in the Republic of Congo (RC). Two species were reported on cassava (Manihot esculenta), two on coffee (Coffea spp.), one on lemon (Citrus spp.), and one on unidentified plants. In this...
Sandra Foltin, Udo Ganslosser

Article ID: 4526
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Abstract: Human-dog attachment is a special relationship and has been studied from various perspectives. Attachment or social bonding has a positive effect on the psychological and physiological wellbeing of a dog owner, increasing physical health and quality of life. Attachment is idiosyncratic, induced by neuroendocrinological functions like an oxytocin increase ...
Simon Musila, Ivan Castro Arellano, Robert Syingi, Nathan Gichuki

Article ID: 4666
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Abstract: Insectivorous bats mainly feed on various types of invertebrates. The authors studied the abundance and diversity of invertebrates in the farmland in the eastern part of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, mainly to assess their availability to insectivorous bats occurring in the two study sites. Solar powered light traps were used to attract aerial in...
Ezeobi A. J., Pam V. A., Uzoigwe N. R., Omalu I. C. J., Ombugadu A., Ahmed H. O., Ameh S. F., Tanko N. S., Adejoh V. A., Attah A. S., Ayim J. O., Daramola O. S., Aimankhu P. O., Maikenti J. I., Ajah L. J., Ayuba S. O., Aliyu A. A., Ashigar M. A., Odey S. A., Anyebe G. E., Kure M. S.

Article ID: 4560
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Abstract: Trypanosomiasis afflicts about 6 ~ 7 million people globally and to a large extent impedes livestock production in Africa. Naturally, trypanosomal parasites undergo genetic mutation and have developed resistance over a wide range of therapies. The utilization of animals and plants products has presented therapeutic potential for identifying novel anti-try...