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Sandra Klimm, Jennifer Silbermann, Svenja ten Thoren, Udo Gansloßer

Article ID: 4546
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Abstract: Hypothyroidism is not uncommon in dogs, but it is actually very often diagnosed in elderly dogs. When and how does the disease start? What are the first recognizable signs? The first symptoms are usually changes in the behavior. First, these changes are quite subtle, but as the illness progresses, they can get very grave. We do often hear from the worried...
Aliyu A. A., Ombugadu A., Ezuluebo V. C., Ahmed H. O., Ashigar A. M., Ayuba S. O., Aimankhu O. P., Maikenti J. I., Odey S. A., Pam V. A., Uzoigwe N. R., Osuagwu O. S.

Article ID: 4663
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Abstract: Anopheles gambiae is a vector that is responsible for the transmission of malaria parasites which causes high morbidity and mortality in Nigeria and the world at large. Human-vector contact can be reduced by the use of conventional repellents being sold in the market, though some of these repellent are not environmentally friendly and An. ...
Abun Abun, Nurhalisa Nurhalisa, Kiki Haetami, Deny Saefulhadjar

Article ID: 4917
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Abstract: This study aims to determine the effect of adding feed supplements of fermented shrimp waste extract in the ration on the digestibility of local chicken rations in the growth phase. The research was carried out in Jatinangor District as well as the Laboratory of Ruminant Animal Nutrition and Animal Feed Chemistry, Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Padjadjaran ...
Akwashiki Ombugadu, Jibril A. B., Mwansat G. S., Njila H. L., Attah A. S., Pam V. A., Benson R. F., Maikenti J. I., Deme G. G., Echor B. O., Ayim J. O., Uzoigwe N. R., Adejoh V. A., Ahmed H. O., Aimankhu O. P., Da’an S. A., Lapang M. P., Kure M. S., Samuel M. D., Nkup C. D.

Article ID: 4919
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Abstract: Vector surveillance is very key in solving mosquito-borne health problems in Nigeria. To this end, the composition and distribution of mosquito vectors in a peri-urban community surrounding an institution of learning in Lafia metropolis, Nasarawa State, Central Nigeria was carried out between December 2016 and June 2017. The Prokopack Aspi...