Confrontation and Integration: An Analyze the Mechanism of Rights Transformation in Urban Renewal from the Perspective of Space Theories

Meng Chiu Chang (Department of Economics, Fujian Business University , Fuzhou,China)
Chien Han (Institute of Land Ecnomic, Department of Land Management, Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan)


 As one of the subjects under city-related discussions, locality carries significance in the dimensions of both political and economic space. Western researches have brought about various arguments based on theories of human geography, particularly in the area of urbanization. Taiwan adopts urban renewal as an important approach of revitalizing cities. In view of space theories, multiple political and economic confrontations have occurred during the process of spatial differentiation and reproduction. The analysis on the social phenomenon derived from the urban renewal in Taiwan, China from the perspective of political and economic space, taking into consideration of the correlation between capital and rights, suggests the ongoing development of a new growing pattern of cities under the contention or collaboration among industrial, governmental and academic communities.


Urban renewal, Space theories, Rent gap, Rights transformation

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