Special Issue: Call for Papers on the Special issue: Environmental Sustainable Technologies


The objective of this special issue is to create a common ground for the discussion of eco-friendly sustainable technologies incorporating multiphase polymer systems. 

Guest Editors: Prof. Dr. Sabu Thomas

                        Miss Anjali R. Nair

Special issue information:

The present issue is to survey the recent developments in such green systems covering the actual scientific synthesis procedure, incorporating characterization and identification of different physical, chemical, interfacial and thermophysical properties as well as encompassing the headway achieved in this area. All the recent scientific advancements in the field of green, sustainable multiphase polymer systems are anticipated to share their work to put forth a special issue which can strengthen the core of the scientific community to work towards Environment Sustainable Technologies.

Keywords: sustainable technology; eco-friendly systems; multi-phase polymer; advanced polymeric systems

Manuscript submission information:

The journal’s submission platform is now available for receiving submissions to this Special Issue. Please refer to the Author Guides  to prepare your manuscripts

Final Submission deadline: 31 October 2022

If you have question regarding this Special Issue, please contact Editorial Office (nmms@bilpublishing.com)

Posted: December 30,2021