Synthesis and Characterization of Trivalent Al Substituted Zinc Ferrite using Ethylene Diamine (EDA) as Ligand

Soumya Mukherjee (Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Kazi NazrulUniversity, PO Kalla More, Asansol, 713340, India)

Article ID: 1863



Nano domain Al substituted Zinc ferrite was prepared by chemical route using Ethylene Diamine as ligand. High purity precursors nitrate salts of Zinc, Fe(3+), Al(3+) were utilized along with citric acid which acts as both fuel and complexing agent. Two different molar ratios of Zn(2+):(Fe3+):Al(3+) is 1:1.5:0.5 and 1:1.25:0.75. After ensuring proper mix of the solution Ethylene diamine was added dropwise to form a gel like mass with proper pH control. Before annealing, thermal analysis was carried to determine the crystallization/phase transition zone. Drying was carried in several stages. Initially, gel like mass was obtained after drying at 40°C while pH was about 7. Drying of gel was carried in oil bath at about 90°C and powdered mass obtained was grinded followed by auto combustion at 150°C for 60 minutes before annealing at 150°C, 350°C, 650°C, 950°C for 2 hours to ensure the phase formation. Crystallite size, lattice strain and lattice parameters were studied from XRD analysis.


Al substituted Zinc ferrite;Ethylene Diamine;Thermal analysis;Phase analysis;Strain analysis

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