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Slawomir Wojciech Karas

Article ID: 591
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Abstract: In Poland, the ecological corridor map overlaps with forests, as well as with the road network. The police have recorded near a 100% increase in animal mortality over the last decade. In most cases, bridges automatically serve as passages for animals, even if they have not been considered and designed for such a role. The following facts are importand: si...
Kuok Ho Daniel Tang, Yu Wei Eric Law

Article ID: 739
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Abstract: This study examines the ability of Mucuna bracteata DC. to remediate soil contaminated with increasing levels of crude oil up to 20%. It also investigates the effect of fertilizer application on crude oil degradation. Changes in crude oil concentrations, pH and moisture of the soil in eight experimental pots were tracked over a period of 9 weeks....
Xi Chen, Dawei Xu, Safa Fadelelseed, Lianying Li

Article ID: 959
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Abstract: With the continuous improvement of China’s economic level, the people’s cultural literacy is gradually increasing, and the same people are increasingly pursuing new changes and changes in the quality of life. At present, most people are not only satisfied with the basic needs of life, but also have a new height and pursuit in the improvement of new life q...


Hamidreza Zabihi, Mojtaba Nourihoseini

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Abstract: Fertilization is the main factor stimulating yield of plants, nitrogen and potassium are among must important essential nutrients. An experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of different rates of nitrogen and potassium on yield and yield components of Black caraway ( Bunium persicum  L.). The experiment  was on the  base of randomized co...
Samira Imamyar Nadjafova, F. Sh. Keyseruxskaya

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Abstract: Azerbaijan is a country with a huge range of different soil types, which is due to its geographical location. The country is located in two climatic thermal zones, subboreal and subtropical, characterized by a peculiar hydrothermal regime, diverse vegetation and soil fauna. For proper zoning of the soil cover of bioclimatic landscape zones...