Thoughts about the Innovation of Mathematics Teaching Mode in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Viewpoint of “Task List”

Guijuan Tian (Shandong Transport Vocational College)

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With the reform of talent demand mode in China, in today’s society, the need for talents of enterprises are more inclined to application-type vocational and  technical talents , this has created enormous opportunities for the growing of higher vocational colleges which are the incubation base for applied talents ,at the same time, it also exposes the practical problems of the backwardness of the current mathematics teaching mode in higher vocational colleges, thus brings unfavorable influence on the implementation of the talent cultivation program in higher vocational colleges, "Task list" is one of the teaching requirements put forward by China's educational reform in the new age, and the important direction for higher vocational colleges to reform the mathematics teaching mode in the new age.


“Task list”; Higher vocational colleges; Mathematics teaching mode; Reform

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