A Strategic Analysis of Improving the Quality of English Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Wei Xiong (Enshi Vocational and Technical College)


Under the background of the new era, great changes have taken place in the teaching mode of our country, and all kinds of creative teaching strategies emerge as the times require. In order to construct an efficient classroom and ensure the rational allocation and utilization of teaching resources, teachers must adhere to the central position of students in the process of carrying out classroom teaching practice, clarify the individual differences of students, and fully consider the influencing factors of various details from the point of view of students. In order to better promote the improvement of teaching quality and teaching level, to ensure that every student can learn something, learn to achieve success. However, combined with the relevant practical investigation, it is not difficult to find that long-term examination-oriented education leads to some teaching classics. In the course of carrying out the classroom teaching practice, the teacher who is not under test directly uses the learning of the basic knowledge of the simple theory as the main body, and puts the core energy in the indoctrination and the teaching of the theoretical knowledge, which seriously restricts the individual growth and development of the students, and ignores the individual difference of the students, The result is that the efficiency and quality of the classroom teaching are declining continuously, some of the teaching resources are wasted directly, which is especially obvious in the course of the practice of English teaching in colleges and universities. In this respect, this paper, based on the macroscopic angle, takes the college English teaching as the analysis object, and the relevant strategies and requirements to improve the English teaching quality, with a view to promoting the English teaching in colleges and universities, and provides some reference for the smooth development of teaching practice.


College English; Teaching quality; Strategy analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/ret.v3i2.1617


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