Research on the Reform of Teaching Management Emergency Mechanism in University Based on Big Data

Na Luo (Nanjing Media Institute)
Zhuzhu Wang (Nanjing Media Institute)
Xing Yin (Nanjing Media Institute)
Ang Li (Zijin College, Nanjing University of Technology)


Sudden major public health events once again test the ability of the whole society to deal with emergencies. Universities are no exception. There are many kinds of management work in Colleges and universities, among which teaching management is the most important one, which is also one of the most affected in this epidemic situation. Therefore, in view of the problems of teaching management in Colleges and universities exposed in the epidemic, combined with the characteristics of independent colleges, starting from the aspects of teaching guarantee mechanism, teaching supervision mechanism, teaching process construction, teaching resources construction and so on, the advantages of big data technology, such as large amount of information, easy to communicate and easy to integrate, are fully used to put forward a set of open-minded, perfect mechanism and advanced technology teaching management emergency response mechanism.


Big data; Teaching management; Emergency mechanism

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