A Comparative Study on The Personality Differences Between Tibetan and Chinese College Students——Look at Temperament Types in Paintings

Hua Xu (Xizang Minzu University)
Qiyu Liu (No.3 Middle School of Wujiaqu City)
jiyuzhen De (Lhasa Police Force)


Objective: To explore new ideas by comparing the individual differences reflected in the paintings of Tibetan and Han college students,in order to better carry out the mental health education of Tibetan college students to accumulate information. Methods: Firstly, according to the four temperament types, the painting characteristics were classified.Secondly, by comparing and analyzing the painting characteristics of 1221 college students’ HTP test (including 704 Han people, 517 Tibetan people, 403 male students and 818 female students), it is found that there are significant differences in the characteristics of line, disorder degree and facial features emphasis in the paintings of Han and Tibetan college students. Results: There are significant differences between Han and Tibetan college students in Sanguine temperament dimension (t = -5.066, P < 0.05). Conclusion: People with different temperament types often have different thinking and behavior styles, Tibetan college students have been influenced by their own culture and traditional habits since they were young, with obvious personality characteristics, therefore, it is better to carry out ideological and political education or psychological assistance on the basis of understanding their psychological and behavioral characteristics and combining their personality characteristics.


House-Tree-Person test; Tibetan college students; Temperament type

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/ret.v3i2.1726


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