The Development and Utilization of Red Cultural Resources

Honglan Liao (School of Marxism, Southwest Jiaotong University)


In recent years, red cultural resources, or visual, artifactual, institutional and other expressions of China’s revolutionary culture as well as the socialist culture fostered by the Chinese Communist Party since its founding, have been used to educate people, reduce poverty in older revolutionary areas where the resources are located, and enhance awareness of the practical utility of learning from history. At the same time, how best to develop and utilization red cultural resources has become a much-debated issue. In the context of this debate, a series of practical problems have emerged that urgently need to be solved. The present study argues that strengthening theoretical research; creating innovative infrastructural, technological, funding, and staffing solutions; improving institutional mechanisms; and strategically shaping the red brand will lead to a more rational and sustainable development of red cultural resources, maximizing their practical utility for Chinese society as a whole.


Red culture; Cultural resources; Development and utilization

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