To Give Full Scope to Labor Quality Evaluation of Youth of the New Era as the Baton

Nan Gao (Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages)

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 Labor quality evaluation, an important part for carrying out labor education, plays the role as “baton” for labor education. This paper will figure out the reasons for labor quality evaluation from its importance. The paper will also classify key evaluation indicators for labor qualities as cognition, emotion, ability and qualities of labor, dividing dynamic indicators to figure out “what to evaluate”. Meanwhile, the author will solve the problem of “how to evaluate” and “who will evaluate” by promoting evaluation subjects diversities and innovating evaluation methods. When labor quality evaluation, the “baton”, guides the direction and strategy, attention should be paid to integrated education to cultivate labor quality in an all-round way. The “baton” will also guide characteristic education with collaborative innovation of labor education, professional education and vocational education. Moreover, labor quality evaluation guides the optimization of resources to create integrated labor qualities and lead innovation education to nurture innovative talents.


Labor quality, Evaluation, New Era, Colleges and universities

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