Reflection on College Education and Teaching Management under New Media

Yunxia Wei (Railway Police College)

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Under the background of current social development, the role of media in the process of information dissemination is becoming more and more enlarged, the speed of information dissemination is greatly accelerated based on the platform built by the media. In the process of information dissemination, the related concepts of new media are derived based on the media platform. This is also the result of the continuous integration of information technology and network technology. Compared with the traditional media, the advantages of new media technology itself are more obvious both the source of information, but also the reporter and audience, so in the context of the development of new media art, the spread of various social hot issues is very fast, and the coverage is also wider. Under the background of the development of new media, colleges and universities themselves are greatly impacted by the information of new media, because people have higher acceptance of new media, so they receive all kinds of information from the outside world through mobile phones and computers, which leads to the challenge of education and teaching management in colleges and universities at present.


New media; College education and teaching; Management; Reform

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