Main Problems and Countermeasures in Writing English Major Papers

Rongrong Xu (Jiangxi Normal University)


According to the Degree Regulations of the People’s Republic of China, our country implements a three-level Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree system, graduates at all levels must pass the course examination and thesis defense before  they can obtain a degree certificate. It can be seen that writing academic papers is a very important skill. For English majors, academic papers need to be written in English to illustrate their academic achievements. However, judging from the current papers of English majors, there are prominent problems in thesis writing, such as: blind selection of topics, empty content, scattered research, and improper attitudes of students. This study mainly adopts the literature method, on the basis of reading academic writing-related literature and English majors’ paper, the author finds out the commonalities of English major students’ academic writing and puts forward effective countermeasures. This study will provide new strategy for English majors to improve their thesis writing ability, avoid making general mistakes, and to a certain extent, reduce the tutoring pressure for essay instructors, so as to improve the academic writing quality of English majors.


English majors; Academic writing; Major problem; Countermeasures

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