Analysis on the Teaching Mode of Chinese-foreign Cooperatively-run Higher Institutions in the Context of Internet+

Jue Zhao (Sias International University)


Under the background of “Internet+”, the development of Sino-foreign cooperatively-run higher institutions have changed significantly. Relying on the “Internet+”, exploring new teaching directions has become the focus of attention of relevant personnel. After understanding the influence of “Internet+” on Sino-foreign cooperatively-run higher institutions, this paper analyzes the problems in the traditional mode of teaching, and puts forward the teaching mode for “Internet+” with English as an example. The results of this paper show that the emergence of “Internet+” technology has promoted the development of English teaching mode, so relevant personnel should face up to the positive impact of “Internet+” and explore new teaching paths. Only in this way can we constantly adapt to the future teaching needs.


Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run higher institutions; Teaching mode; Path; English; Internet+

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