Application of Case-based Teaching Based on Flipped Classroom in C++

Xiangrui Jia (Qilu University of Technology)


Among programming languages, C++ programming language is relatively difficult to learn. In order to help students learn C++ language better, two solutions is proposed in this paper. The first solution is to introduce the idea of flipped classroom into C++ teaching. Because of the many difficulties in C++, students can watch and discuss with their classmates anytime and anywhere through the video explanation of the flipped classroom. Teachers explain the key points and difficulties in offline classrooms, which will help students quickly master C++ knowledge points.

The second solution is to design a case based on a real project and then integrate the case into daily C++ teaching. In this way, students can quickly transition from the level of knowledge mastery to the level of knowledge application, which helps to cultivate students’ coding ability based on real project.


C++; Flipped classroom; Case-based teaching

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