Research Report on the Effect of Network Teaching Mode of Art Courses under the Concept of Ideological and Political Education

Meina Mao (Union University of Beijing)
Jianxin Ma (Union University of Beijing)
Hang Xia (Union University of Beijing)
Yifan He (Union University of Beijing)


 Since the National Conference on ideological and political work in Colleges and Universities, the Party Committee of Beijing United University has closely focused on the fundamental problem of “what kind of person to train, how to train and for whom to train”, and regards the course of ideological and political thinking as the fundamental measure to carry out the fundamental task of building up people by virtue. In 2020, in the event of the new epidemic situation, the school actively implemented the work plan of “stopping classes and not stopping learning” in Beijing, and opened the historic revolution of the whole school network teaching in education and teaching.

In recent years, Beijing Union University in the “curriculum ideological and political” construction is constantly open up. In order to promote teaching practice and teaching research, the school teacher teaching development center set up the first teaching promoters of Beijing United University in 2019. The project team was set up by the school teaching promoters to study the effect of the online teaching mode of art courses under the concept of ideological and political education.


Ideological and Political Course; Art; Network teaching

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