After Forty Years of Reform and Opening up: A Multi-perspective Analysis of the Innovation and Development of Ideological and Political Education

Xiao Zhao (College of Marxism, Xi’an FanYi University)
Qian Liu (College of Marxism, Xi’an FanYi University)

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In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the political, economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries have been increasing. In particular, with the opening of the doors to the outside world, the intermingling and collision of various cultures and trends from the East and the West have affected the practice and development process of ideological and political education to a certain extent. With the continuous penetration of network technology, the ideological and political theoretical system under the leadership of the Party has been constantly innovated and improved. Although it has gone through the course of cancellation, restoration, development and then integration and deepening, it has also pointed out a series of new diversified development paths for ideological and political education. Therefore, against such a background, it is important to deeply understand the distinctive features of ideological and political education in the context of pluralism. Adhering to the principle of keeping pace with the times and the people-oriented education policy and exploring new paths, methods and means of ideological and political education in the context of pluralism are not only in line with the trend of development of the times, but also continue to promote the reform and development of ideological and political theory in the new era.


Reform and opening up; Pluralism; Ideological and political education; Practice

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