Feminism in Jane Eyre and Rickshaw Boy

Youni Shao (Jilin International Studies University)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.30564/ret.v5i3.4827


Jane Eyre and females in Rickshaw Boy have the similar spirit. They all have the characteristics of the females nowadays. The feminism of Jane Eyre are the rebellious spirit to fight against the unfair destiny, the spirit of equality to pursue the pure love and the spirit of the persistence to pursue the happiness; In the Rickshaw Boy, female characters can challenge the status of men and some females are intelligent and have the consciousness of revolution. Besides, there are similarities and differences between Jane Eyre and Rickshaw Boy. Females in two books have the progressive spirit but the feminism in two books conveys the different information. Moreover, the feminism of two books has a great influence on females nowadays and women gain the spiritual power from two books. It is meaningful to connect Jane Eyre and Rickshaw Boy to explore the feminism because the western feminism and the eastern feminism can provide different angles. Women are awakened to protect themselves and fight against the unfair destiny from the upper class to the underclass. The feminism in two books is the most important resource for women to understand the active women consciousness and encourages women to pursue the happiness and rights.


The feminism in Jane Eyre; The feminism in Rickshaw Boy; Similarities and differences of feminism between Jane Eyre and Rickshaw Boy; The effect of feminism in Jane Eyre and Rickshaw Boy


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