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Research Article

Changhong Shao

Article ID: 67
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Abstract: With the new curriculum reform put into effect, new requirements and plans for college English teaching have been put forward. More and more attention has been paid to Chinese college English teaching from all aspects, among which, psycholinguistics is a new frontier subject. The application of psycholinguistic principles in educatio...
Zhenhua Wang, Chunli Chen, Junbao Xia

Article ID: 68
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Abstract: The rapid development of information technology and the new economy is a challenge to the training of computer technology and engineering professionals. The cultivation of engineering talents in Computer Engineering under the new engineering is an important part of the construction and exploration of new engineering in universities. ...
Ou Hua

Article ID: 69
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Abstract: With the rapid development of modern information technology, Internet technology has become a major driver of social and economic development. It also has a great influence on higher vocational school education, especially the ideological and political education of young students. The network has brought new changes to the students' c...

Review Article

Qiyue Sun

Article ID: 71
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Abstract: Cai Yuanpei, the frst Minister of Education, attached great importance to "aesthetic education", which was a key part of the new education aims developed under his guidance. It was Cai's focus on "aesthetic education" and "education" that Beijing University Music Research Society and National Beijing Girls' Higher Normal School and t...
Zhantao Yang

Article ID: 72
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Abstract: Can a person chase up a turtle? This might sound like a very stupid question. However, this question had been disturbing mathematicians for many centuries. It is possible to solve the paradox of Achilles and the turtle with only high school knowledge.This is the beauty of calculus, the concept that mathematicians struggled to invent ...
Josep Gallifa

Article ID: 70
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Abstract: A diversity of methodologies can be utilized for knowledge building in social sciences, particularly in education. Nevertheless, in order to give meaning to the research fndings and progressively create theories, an awareness of the epistemological framework appears to be necessary. The aim of this article is to present the main epis...