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Na Luo, Zhuzhu Wang, Xing Yin, Ang Li

Article ID: 1693
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Abstract: Sudden major public health events once again test the ability of the whole society to deal with emergencies. Universities are no exception. There are many kinds of management work in Colleges and universities, among which teaching management is the most important one, which is also one of the most affected in this epidemic situation. Therefore, in view of...
Jing He

Article ID: 1973
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Abstract: With the rapid development of the Internet era, the way people get information is also changing. The way to obtain information becomes more convenient and efficient, so the effective utilization of mobile digital terminals can spread information more widely and quickly. Using animation as a medium to express cultural information through the Internet has b...
Yunxia Wei

Article ID: 2264
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Abstract: Under the background of current social development, the role of media in the process of information dissemination is becoming more and more enlarged, the speed of information dissemination is greatly accelerated based on the platform built by the media. In the process of information dissemination, the related concepts of new media are derived based on the...
Huaisheng Liu, Guangcheng Liu

Article ID: 2265
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Abstract: To meet the requirements of college English teaching under the new situation and enhance the ability of college students to learn the English independently, modern information technology means is used to have a try and an experiment.  English grading teaching is taken as the starting point, due to construct a mixed formative evaluation system, and provide...
Huidan Lu

Article ID: 2280
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Abstract: Verbs of perception include sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, of which zhijian belongs to sight is very common in literary works, and its semantic meaning also begins to change with the development of time. Based on the original text and two translated versions of  the Water Margin , this paper makes a comparative analysis of the tra...
Yanfei Chen, Tongjing Xia, Ye Zhang, Lulu Li, Mingchang He, Hong Zhang

Article ID: 2316
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Abstract: “Elastic-plastic Mechanics” is an important course for undergraduates and postgraduates of general engineering majors. However, the theoretical derivation of equations is complex, and the connection with engineering practice is inadequate. Therefore, teaching becomes difficult and boring for a number of students. Firstly, this paper introduces the importa...
Hui Lu

Article ID: 2319
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Abstract: National spirit education is an important content of ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities. Currently, national spirit education should follow the development vein of national spirits. The development of the Chinese national spirits follows the development vein from the emergence of national consciousness, to self-denial of...
Yi Ren

Article ID: 2358
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Abstract: This paper analyzes the importance of critical thinking to junior middle school English reading ability. This paper probes into the cultivation of critical thinking in English reading ability from the perspective of teachers and students, and discusses the problems based on the questionnaire survey. ...
Qiang Hao

Article ID: 2372
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Abstract: Images are the key for us to sort out modern British history and study the development of early industrial civilization. This paper takes the most classic representative works of those immortal artists in the long river of British art to create a section of immortal history, and review the historical fragments of modern Britain from the painting brush of ...
Xin Qiu

Article ID: 2386
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Abstract: The Minister’s Black Veil is one of the most classic short stories written by American romantic writer Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864), From the perspective of literary pragmatics, this paper analyzes the language features of the novel, such as words and sentences, grammar, semantic ambiguity, rhetoric and conversational implicature based on coop...
Zhongyang Xu, Zhiqian Meng

Article ID: 2398
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Abstract: The demand for health information is increasing in China, and China has gradually paid attention to health informatics education. The successful experience of American health informatics education can effectively promote the development of health informatics education in China. This paper analyzes the main characteristics of health informatics education i...
Yahui Cui

Article ID: 2401
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Abstract: Chinesische Grammatik is a book about Chinese grammar compiled by Hans Georg von der Gabelentz, in the 19th century. It is also a textbook for teaching Chinese as a second language. Among them, “weft” is a comprehensive system, which contains his pragmatic thought beyond the times. The study of appellations not only shows Hans Georg von der Gabel...
Fan Xu

Article ID: 2404
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Abstract: Over the past three decades, a growing number of different theories in second language acquisition field have come out in an effort to provide explanations as to how language learning takes place, to figure out what variables are effective for second language acquisition as well as to offer guidance to mass second language learners and language teachers. ...
Shiyin Xu

Article ID: 2414
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Abstract: Cultural trauma appears when a collectivity of human beings suffers sudden and rapid social change, touching the core of their inner sense.   This paper analyzes cultural trauma in the precise time in that novel according to a classification of the Cultural Trauma theory and presents various strategies to cope with trauma. The whole process...
Qinyi Yang

Article ID: 2420
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Abstract: This study examined the power relationships between male and female characters, between the white female character and women of color, and women of color’s power relationship to each other in White Teeth  through analyzing sequential moves in dialogues. The exchange structure reveals that male characters are in dominance in their relationshi...
Jiayu Zhuo

Article ID: 2428
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Abstract: Integrated English Course in Chinese universities serves a group of non-English major students for the main educational training purpose of second language learning together with language learning skills development under different unit themes. In the process of learning another language, as language leaners, making mistakes is natural and inevitable. Thi...
Jiayu Zhou

Article ID: 2444
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Abstract: Vygotsky  and  Bruner’s theory , as a significant guidance in the field of education, make a influence for many students and teachers. This easy use the ways of description and discussion to explore the implication from Vygotsky and Bruner’s theory on teaching and learning.  ...
Xingyun Fang

Article ID: 2459
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Abstract: This paper mainly describes how to build a trust relationship in kindergarten and why trust is so important for children’s education. As the relationship between teachers and parents is becoming more and more tense, the relationship between teachers and teachers is becoming more and more independent (Tschannen-Moran, 2014) [57] . The trust relati...
Wanning Wang

Article ID: 2430
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Abstract: As a carrier of cultural communication, literary works play an important role for culture spreading. The creation, reading and translation of literary works have been regarded as major approaches to spread cultures. With the successful implementation of “The Belt and Road”, increasing exchanges between China and the world in new era ask for spreading dome...
Feifei Yang, Rui Zhang

Article ID: 2475
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Abstract: The discourse construction of ideological and political education in colleges and universities is an important task to strengthen the leadership and discourse power of ideological work in colleges and universities. The relevant theories of western multidisciplinary discourse research provide rich theoretical reference for the discourse construction of ide...
Rongrong Xu

Article ID: 2470
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Abstract: According to the Degree Regulations of the People’s Republic of China, our country implements a three-level Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree system, graduates at all levels must pass the course examination and thesis defense before  they can obtain a degree certificate. It can be seen that writing academic papers is a very important skill. For En...
Yu Fu

Article ID: 2502
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Abstract: Future education is highly integrated with technology and highly open education. The rapid development of information technology urges education to embrace the change brought by technology enthusiastically. The alienation of thinking under technology package must not be ignored and guard against the tendency of “technology determinism “. Therefore, this p...