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Cheng Tak Chan

Article ID: 3712
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Abstract: In terms of English learning, whether native English-speaking teachers (NESTs) surpass non-native English-speaking teachers (NNESTs) or vice versa has been a heated topic. These two types of teachers have their own respective benefits and drawbacks with respect to English teaching. Most of the current related studies are on the traditional educational cla...
Seoyoon Eunie Choi, Sun Lee

Article ID: 3876
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Abstract: Cognitive development theories differ on how young students can meaningfully process new information and retain that information for future knowledge-building through scaffolding within their zone of proximal development. More traditional theories like the cognitive load theory adhere to the rote memorization approach by categorizing students as passive l...
Jingjing Fu

Article ID: 3370
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Abstract: The study employed a descriptive mixed-methods qualitative case study approach. Material and interview-based data were collected from two EFL classes in a private international school in central China. Findings from RQ1 suggest that teacher-made summative tests were largely dependable to the extent that the tests reflect the syllabus-based construct and a...
Yongtang Chen

Article ID: 3394
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Abstract: This study conducted an in-depth analysis of the informatization teaching ability of teachers in rural primary and secondary schools in Hotan area through the literature method and questionnaire survey method. The investigation is mainly conducted in the aspects of teachers’ informatization awareness, teachers’ informatization ability, informatization app...
Qiang Hao

Article ID: 3495
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Abstract: Nie Weigu is a great master with great attainments in higher art education and painting practice. He is familiar with the psychology of art education and the principles of education and teaching, and has a strong interest in exploring a new way of integration between China and the West. He embraces both Chinese and Western heuristic teaching, focuses on s...
Qian Liu

Article ID: 3508
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Abstract: Blended learning based on information technology, emphasizes students’ central position and teachers’ leading role in teaching and learning. In view of this, the author attempts to apply the model to the instruction of the course Business English Writing. In the instructional design, the author navigates students to enhance the input of sample texts on th...
Yixu Ding

Article ID: 3510
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Abstract: As the world is becoming more and more connected, the education system needs to provide each learner with an equal opportunity for success. Measures should put in place to ensure that obtaining an education is made possible for all students, including foreign students, such as English speakers in China and Chinese speakers in the United Kingdom. The bigge...
Dan Cheng

Article ID: 3539
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Abstract: In this paper, the writer will use a literature analysis approach to explore the issue of teacher autonomy and professionalism in both centralized and decentralized curriculum models. Through literature analysis, the paper argues that centralized and decentralized curricula each have their own positive and negative effects on teachers' autonomy and profes...
Yongmei Hou

Article ID: 3545
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Abstract: Learning burnout is a common psychological problem of college students, which seriously affects college students' academic achievement and physical and mental health, wastes educational resources, and brings various hidden dangers to talent growth and social development. Starting from the definition of the concept of learning burnout, this paper introduce...
Jie Fan

Article ID: 3590
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Abstract: The signifier and signified of symbol representation in art works can generate and reflect reality. However, it can never produce the absolute truth. This paper mainly discusses the relationship between immutability with arbitrariness, sociality, and continuity in art education, both online and in outline. Overall, it is recommended that practical art tea...
Jiayu Zhuo

Article ID: 3606
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Abstract: One of the common problems for L2 learners in ESL reading is that the text is either too difficult to understand or too simple to challenge, particularly the extracurricular reading material. The Little Prince and Pride and Prejudice are typically listed in the key reading materials for L2 learners. Contrary to the popularity, a large number of L2 learner...
Huiting Guo

Article ID: 3615
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Abstract: College period is one of the most critical periods of one person’s life for it is an important period of establishing world concept, outlook on life and values. Various challenges and pressures have had a great impact on the mental health of college students. In that case, college students’ psychological confusion and mental health problems occur frequent...
Gang Li

Article ID: 3676
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Abstract: With the process of globalization and integration, more and more people tend to be bilingual. Undoubtedly, mastering a second language is significant. This thesis aims to explore how to conquer the difficulties in learning British English sounds through analyzing a British cartoon Peppa Pig. Chapter one begins with the research background, significan...
Yichen Wang

Article ID: 3682
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Abstract: Based on the description of feedback in the literature and the classification of feedback by different scholars, this paper discusses the efficiency and possible issues of the teachers’ use of different feedback in the teaching of second language writing. Through interviews with experienced English majors, this paper further demonstrates the importance of...
Weiwei Zhou

Article ID: 3783
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Abstract: with the continuous advancement of socialist modernization, China needs more and more talents, in particular the talents who are not only high in professional techniques, but also high in ideological and moral level and thinking ability, thus producing ideological and political courses. Along with the constant development of education cause, the professio...
Longfei Zhang

Article ID: 3812
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Abstract: In this essay, there will be a contrast and comparison between the teacherdominant turn-taking patterns and students-centered turn-taking patterns. This comparison can help us to find out which pattern can help develop an effective turn-taking in classroom discourse. In terms of the turn-taking pattern in EFL classroom, there also will be a study of turn-...
Jian Zhang, Yurong Cheng, Bing Ran

Article ID: 3813
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Abstract: Student evaluation in the new era should be rooted in the educational macro background of "cultivating people by virtue" and comply with the overall policy orientation of educational evaluation reform. This research focuses on the construction and implementation of value-added evaluation system. Combined with the characteristics of vocational school stude...
Xiaoou Jin

Article ID: 3825
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Abstract: Machiavelli, a famous Italian politician, stated that as long as the final aim is proper, a king can use whatever means despicable in order to achieve the supreme position. His thought is summed up as Machiavellianism later. His point of view fits into the dominion strategy of Feudal Chinese Emperor, which can be concluded as confucianism and legalism. Th...
Yanfei Chen, You Zong, Mingchang He, Chunsha Wan

Article ID: 3827
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Abstract: Oil and gas storage and transportation safety courses are very important in oil and gas storage and transportation engineering. With the ideological and political construction of the course in the new period, the mode of professional knowledge teaching cannot meet the teaching requirements. The teaching team has been practicing in the course for many year...
Shijie Wang

Article ID: 3844
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Abstract: Strengthening the team construction of part-time teachers is required by the transformation and development of the universities, the realization of their goals of being developed into an application-oriented universities and their talent cultivation and long-term development . The existing problem regarding the part-time teachers in current application-or...
Wenlin Feng

Article ID: 3868
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Abstract: Since China’s reform and opening up, from the Third Plenary Session of the 14th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China that put forward "efficiency first and fairness" to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, "first distribution and redistribution must deal with the relationship between fairness and efficiency, and redistr...
Huawei Cui, Bin Yang, Yixiong Zheng

Article ID: 3869
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Abstract: The specialty of "seed science and Engineering" has trained a large number of scarce seed talents for China. This paper summarizes the experience, existing problems and future improvement direction of the ideological and political system construction of the curriculum of "seed science and Engineering" in our university, in order to improve the ideological...
Mengting Zhuang

Article ID: 4055
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Abstract: According to the situation of real estate industry in different provinces and cities, the benefit is different, and the benefit of real estate industry in some regions is low. Based on the statistical data of real estate industry in various regions, this paper selects nine indicators, such as the number of enterprises, the average number of employees, the...