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Fanchun Meng, Ruixin He

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Abstract: With the steady rise of China’s economy, new media technology is gradually applied in various industries, giving enterprises more possibilities and opportunities. Compared with other entrepreneurs, college students with broad knowledge and novel ideas can better adapt to the changing market environment. In order to bring new vitality to all walks of life ...
Youni Shao

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Abstract: Jane Eyre and females in Rickshaw Boy have the similar spirit. They all have the characteristics of the females nowadays. The feminism of Jane Eyre are the rebellious spirit to fight against the unfair destiny, the spirit of equality to pursue the pure love and the spirit of the persistence to pursue the happiness; In the Rickshaw Boy, fem...
Ruizhi Luo

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Abstract: Undergraduate student’s satisfaction is fundamental to creating and implementing successful higher education. The present study sought to identify the factors and analyses impact on satisfaction and service quality. The research was carried out in Chinese higher education institution, with a sample of 1660 students. Based on the higher education satisfact...
Qiang Fu

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Abstract: With the collision of Chinese and Western cultures, Chinese traditional culture and Western culture often present an opposite situation. At present, the most important problem is how to balance the relationship between the two cultures. Chinese national vocal music art is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. For the continuous development of ...