Digital Portable Weather Station Monitoring System Using Arduino Uno

Bibek Dhungana (Tri-Chandra Multiple College, TU, Ghantaghar, Nepal)
Mahesh Sharma (Tri-Chandra Multiple College, TU, Ghantaghar, Nepal)
Rajesh Shrestha (Tri-Chandra Multiple College, TU, Ghantaghar, Nepal)

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The temperature,humidity,atmospheric pressure and altitude are the most important parameters of the environment.If those parameters are known,it will help to select the best crops for specific location which increases the productivity in agricultural field.This is very useful for countries like Nepal where the most of people in this country depends on agriculture.In this research,an Arduino based device is constructed which measures those parameters and record the data in real time.The DHT22 and BMP180 sensors are used for measurin those parameters whereas RTC and SD Card module is used to record the data in real time. Data can be displayed on LCD and serial monitor of computer or laptop.The data were collected at Tri-Chandra Multiple College,Ghantaghar and at Gaurighat,Chabahil with the help of Arduino based device.
In this project, the digital portable weather station monitoring system has been designed and data from this device compared with the data obtained from HTC-2 standard device and error analysis has been done.


Temperature;Humidity;Pressure;Altitude;Arduino UNO;LCD

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