Designing of the Wireless Digital Portable Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Device and Analyzing Data at Different Part of Kathmandu Valley

Sabina Bogati (Tri-Chandra Multiple College, TU, Ghantaghar, Nepal)
Mahesh Sharma (Tri-Chandra Multiple College, TU, Ghantaghar, Nepal)
Rajesh Shrestha (Tri-Chandra Multiple College, TU, Ghantaghar, Nepal)

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The atmosphere of planet plays a great role in numerous weather phenomena which affects our life directly. To understand these phenomena, it requires knowledge about the relation between temperature and humidity.The effects of temperature on humidity influence the potential for precipitation. It also directly influences the human health and well-being. Relative humidity and dew point are the two parameters that are used by the meteorologists for understanding the interaction between temperature and humidity. Therefore there is a necessary of a smart monitoring system which is fully automated, accurate and capable enough to monitor all the parameters with accuracy. Besides, it should be portable and less expensive. For this purpose, the digital portable wireless temperature and humidity monitoring device is designed. This project consists of HC-05 Bluetooth module, DHT-11, Arduino UNO, 16 X 2 LCD, and smartphone. The data are recorded at different part of Kathmandu Valley with this device wirelessly by using smartphone and analyze it with the help of Origin software.



Arduino UNO;HC-05 Bluetooth module;16 x 2 LCD;DHT-11 sensor and wireless

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