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Michael Ivan Lindinger, Foster Northrop

Article ID: 2380
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Abstract: Racehorses in training are in situations of repeated stress that may have effects on hydration and health. It was hypothesized that daily consumption of a structured water (SW) product for 4 weeks will result in improved hydration, improved upper airway health and increased heart rate variability. Two groups of Thoroughbred racehorses matched for physiolo...
Maria Azam, Muhammad Aamir Naseer, Kiran Mumtaz, Iqra Muzammil, Khazeena Atta, Rais Ahmed, Amjad Islam Aqib

Article ID: 2638
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Abstract: Quality milk production in modern dairy systems is facing many challenges. Salient in them is mastitis which is responsible for decline in milk production, altered milk composition and compromised udder health. The malaise consists of multiple bacterial etiologies which can be broadly classified into contagious pathogens and environmental pathogens S. aur...
Dielson da Silva Vieira, Tânia Maria Sarmento da Silva, Timothy A. Hackett, Mariana de Barros, Weslen Fabrício Pires Teixeira, Juliana Campos Pereira Diniz, Pedro Henrique Gorni, Sanely Lourenço da Costa, Maria Aparecida Scatamburlo Moreira, Mateus Matiuzzi da Costa, Francisco Leydson Formiga Feitosa

Article ID: 2528
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Abstract: Antibiotic resistance represents a widespread problem in milk production. The identification of compounds for a topically applied ointment used in mastitis therapy remains elusive. Compounds from the genus Hymenaea can be administered in cases of multi-drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection for ruminant species, but the protective properties are n...
Jyotsnarani Biswal, Kennady Vijayalakshmy, Habibar Rahman

Article ID: 2624
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Abstract: Seasonal climatic variations is one of the most important environmental issues at present, the devastating impact of which is visualized on the ecology, ecosystem, and species survival. The livestock sector, which has been the source of animal protein for ever-increasing human masses, is subjected to the increased environmental temperature and higher freq...
Mahmoud Rahdar, Leila Arab, Ali Reza Samarbaf- zadeh

Article ID: 2673
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Abstract: Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate, intracellular parasite, with worldwide distribution. The main source of infection for humans is livestock and meat-producer animals. The relationships between Toxoplasma genotype and biological characteristics of the parasite have already been identified. According to the pathogenicity of the parasite in laboratory animal...